Mosquitoes are a pest that many of us aren’t sure why we have because often they bite humans and are irritating. However, they are a food source for other animals and they help control the population. When the cold weather sets in, do mosquitoes hibernate? Yes, if the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, some species go into hibernation. It also depends on where you live as well.

Let’s take a look.

Mosquito on a person about to bite.

Background of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded so hibernation is natural for them. They like temperatures that are above 80 degrees so we see them a lot down here in Florida. However, our temperatures do fall here in the fall and winter months so they will seek warmer weather locations. If mosquitoes get into your home, they can bite you, even in winter. Additionally, a female mosquito can live 6 to 8 weeks indoors and bite you during this time.

Where Do Mosquitoes Hibernate

Female mosquitoes like to crawl inside the walls and also into buildings, homes, and barns. They like to hibernate in the warmer areas of a space so they have a better chance of making it through the freezing temperatures of winter. Additionally, areas with water are where you will find eggs and the hibernating of embryos. Also, wall surfaces and deep holes are where you will find mosquitoes hibernating, as well as tree logs.

As mentioned above, they will hibernate when it is below 50 degrees. There are over 3,500 mosquito species of mosquitoes and some can make themselves dehydrate so they don’t freeze in the cold temperatures and survive the winter. Some of the other mosquitoes have glycerol in their body and this acts as an anti-freeze and allows them to stay warm.

Larvae of mosquitoes.

Life Cycle of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes go through four stages. Those are egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

Egg – female mosquito lays the eggs in standing water.

Larva – within 24-48 hours, the mosquito eggs hatch into larvae.

Pupa – within 7-10 days, larvae turns into pupa.

Adult – some mosquitos can make it for a few days but there are some that will make it for a month or longer than that.

When the weather warms up, the eggs the female laid will hatch and then the life cycle starts again.

Male mosquitoes do not bite, only the females do. This is because they need the blood meal in order to reproduce.

Dirty water attracts mosquitoes.

Longer Life Span If Mosquitoes Hibernate

As mentioned above, a mosquito’s life span is relatively short. Male mosquitoes can survive 10-20 days, while the females last up to 100 days. When a mosquito hibernates, its lifespan is longer.

How Much Does It Cost

Mosquito treatment ranges from $38 a month for a smaller square foot home to over $58 a month for a larger square foot home and the plan that you choose. Some companies will charge quarterly instead of monthly so keep that in mind when looking for a service to help with mosquito control.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know about mosquitoes, let’s take a look at other areas of maintenance. One of those is standing water. Make sure that there is no standing water in the yard and know that there are ways to control the mosquito population. Birds, dragonflies, bats, and spiders are some of the predators that will help keep mosquitoes under control. Another area are bats.

As mentioned earlier, bats eat mosquitoes so you might see them around, but don’t ever try to handle one. If you have a bat bite, you will want to seek medical help right away. This is because they can carry rabies and other diseases. Lastly, if you notice rats, they are probably roof rats. You can seal up entry points, get rid of water sources in the yard, cover your garbage cans, and clean up fruit that has fallen from your fruit trees.

When to Call a Professional

Call a professional if you find you are having a hard time getting rid of mosquitoes. The last thing you want is to have an infestation. Mosquitoes carry diseases and can make humans sick so getting rid of them is important. If you have standing water in the yard or water that doesn’t drain, this can be attracting mosquitoes. Contact a professional if you need assistance in these areas.


Insects and pests in the yard are annoying but they need to be taken care of. Maintaining your yard and cutting the tall grass and vegetation can help with problems with mosquitoes. It is nice that they hibernate for a period of time but when they are out, you want to keep them under control. Call on Gray Pest Control for all your mosquito control needs in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas.