Window screens are essential, especially in the south. Being able to sit out on the porch is nice and having window screens keeps out unwanted pests. However, one day when you are relaxing on the porch, you might see holes in the window screens. What causes holes in window screens? It could be rodents, or there are a few bugs that can be creating holes. You can fix this issue by upgrading the screens, using repellent, and reducing the pests.

Let’s take a look.

Grasshopper on a screen can make holes and get into the home.

Pests that Cause Holes in Window Screens

Rodents – There are a few types of rodents that may be chewing your window screens. One of those is the squirrel, while another could be a rat or a mouse. You can prevent this by adding a stronger window screen such as one that is a heavy-duty pet screen, or one that is metal.

Grasshoppers – These insects, unfortunately, are the most problematic and do the most destruction. They are at their worst in the late summer and fall as the temperatures start to drop. This causes them to want to be closer to home in order to stay warm.

Crickets – Some people like the crickets in their homes so they can feed them to their reptiles. However, for the rest of the people that don’t have a reptile, the crickets in the home are annoying and they can chew the screen to get in through small holes.

Wasps – They will chew through the screen in order to find a new food for their nests. Anywhere the wasp can look for more food, the wasp will go. The unfortunate part is they do sting. Lastly, they are also capable of chewing through the wood so it is not surprising they like the screen as well.

Take a look at this video for a DIY on fixing a screen.

How to Fix the Damage to Window Screens

Once you have rodents and/or bugs and insects in the home, you will want to get rid of them. The first thing to do is window screen repair and then work on removing the pests.

Replace With Heavy Duty Metal Screens

Look for screens that are made of a heavier wire mesh and may be labeled as “pet-friendly.” This is because crickets and grasshoppers love fiberglass screens and the heavier mesh will help keep them out. Avoiding thin mesh screens is a good idea.

Spray Bug Repellent

We spray our bodies outside to keep the bugs and mosquitos away. But another way to do this is to spray the screen with the same repellent. Pests won’t be able to latch on to the screen so there is less chance that they will be able to get in.

Pest Control

If you have regular pest control, this will help keep bugs away. This is because a pest control person knows exactly what to use and how to get rid of them. Are you on the fence about pest control service? Well, many people are very busy and don’t have the time to take care of pests in the yard or home. Hiring a pest control company is a great idea as they know how to get rid of the culprits and they will be cheaper than replacing your screens in the long run.

Bugs near a light outside can get into screens and cause holes.

Turn Off Outside Lights

Crickets are attracted to the lights you have on the outside of your home. Turning these off at night when not in use is a good idea. This can help keep them and other insects away.

Other Screens to Keep An Eye On

In Florida and the southern states, many people have swimming pools. Also, due to the number of mosquitos and other pests, many homeowners have a pool cage. Sometimes the screens can have holes that allow the bugs to get in, as well as other unwanted rodents and insects. One way to know is by looking in your pool. Also, pool cages have screen doors so take a look at those for any holes and also make sure they close all the way.

Thankfully, the lizards usually will take care of many of the pests, but you may see some floating in the water or on the bottom. If you see this, find out where they are coming from. A pest control company can check your screens and see if there is an obvious opening.

How Much Does It Cost

Fixing window screens can vary in price. It can range from $135- $500 or more depending on the labor and size of the screen. If you have one or two small holes, you can probably repair them. However, more holes in your screens than that may require replacing.

Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know about what causes holes in window screens, there are some other areas to keep an eye on.

One of those areas is ants in the walls. If you listen to the walls in the evening or knock on the solid wood and it sounds hollow, you may have ants. Other identifiers are shavings on the floor, damp areas, and ants on food.

Another area to think about is mosquitos. This insect can also get into the home through holes in screens so you want to keep them out. Mosquitos live in moist and damp areas, wooded areas, and marshlands. It is best to avoid them or use protection so you are not bitten.

Lastly, one of the last things you want to find in your home is a raccoon. You may notice a raccoon nest in the attic, under a porch, or in the yard in a burrow or den. Sometimes they are attracted to the home because we have trash bins, outdoor pet food, shelter, and plenty of food for these creatures. It is best to try to make sure you are not inviting them to your home.

When to Call a Professional

If you are unsure of how to replace or repair a window screen, contact a professional to help. This is a job that shouldn’t take very long and a professional can help make sure it is done correctly. You want to keep these pests out and make sure that more don’t make their way in. If you need help, it is time to call your local home inspection company for help.


Insects and pests in the home are annoying to take care of. However, once you find out where they are coming in, it can help you take care of the problem. Also, make sure you do your part in not attracting them to your home. Maintaining the window screens is important and there are professionals to help if you need it. Call on Gray Pest Control for all your rodent control needs in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas.