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Termite Treatment

Termite treatment and warranty, with nearly 100% effectiveness rate.

Mosquito Treatment

We’ll make sure to not only kill them but also nullify their breeding process.

Bed Bugs Treatment

A quick, effective, non-toxic treatment to your bed bug problem.

Rodent Control

We get rid of rodents, secure your spaces, and prevent further invasions

Safe and Effective Pest Control Treatments That Stand the Test of Time

Gray Pest Control has a unique perspective on pest control and pests. Our sister company Gray Home Inspections has given us the experience needed to understand the true damage that pests can do to a home or business and the importance of keeping them out. Our approach to pest management is practical and sensitive to the environment! All of our practices are dependent on the life cycles of the targeted pests to be managed safely. By applying this modern method, we use less hazardous chemicals, protecting the environment as well as the health of your family! We are committed to providing safe and effective pest treatments in and around Jacksonville and St. Augustine.

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Our Promise to You

Our unrivaled customer service, our highly trained staff, technicians, and our promise to you, to do what it takes to keep your home safe and free of pests have made us an award-winning company. We’ve quickly become one of the fastest-growing pest control companies in the state.

We use safe products

Our products are designed with a low toxicity, low potential for groundwater contamination, and low to zero impact on human and pet health. The best of all? Pests are not resistant to our products, so we don’t have to use them as frequently as traditional companies!

We inspect before we treat

No job would be well done without a proper inspection first. We make sure we know exactly what we’re getting into before we start our treatments. Our inspection team of experts will make sure that no pest goes undetected.

We Kill and Neutralize

Killing pests is only one step of the process. We destroy the natural habit of pests and take measurements to prevent reoccurrences.

We get the job done, guaranteed

If you see any pest activity between treatments, we will give you a 24-hour response time to treat the problem at no additional charge. We will also offer free follow-up calls throughout the entire process!

We come back as often as you need

We know pests can be persistent, but we won’t leave you hanging with your pest problem; we will come back to eliminate your pests within 48 hours if they make a comeback at no additional cost to you! Not only do we have a 24-hour response line, if after 30 days you’re still not satisfied with our services, we’ll also provide additional treatments at no extra cost or refund your last service payment.

Note: Please allow 48-72 hours after treatment to allow the product to be effective. Spraying your home will initially agitate and effectively kill pests behind your walls and will typically show within 24-72 hours after the application process as they are trying to escape the product material.


Do you offer year-round services?

Yes! You can find out more about our yearly plans on our pricing page

Do you offer commercial services?
We do. We have enough workforce to inspect and treat your commercial building without disturbing your work rhythm or schedule.
Do you also kill roaches, ants, and spiders?
Yes, we do! During our quarterly inspection and service, our technicians will knock down spider webs and wasps nests. Our application process kills these pests.
Are your product's safe?
As a Pest Control company, our priority will always be to protect you, your family, and the environment! So, yes, all of our products are safe. We use Reduced Risk products and cero hazardous pesticides. We also work with Integrated Pest Management practices, which is an approach that it’s both most effective and safe to the environment! This modern technique allows us to use fewer and less hazardous chemicals.
How long does it take for your products to start working?
Please allow our product to dry which may take 15-60 minutes dependent on weather conditions prior to occupying the areas.

Some products take between 48 to 72 hours to start working.

Do you do one-time treatments?
Some of our treatments require more than just one visit to the property. However, one-time treatments are also part of our services.
Do you treat for multiple pest invasions at the same time?
We do. All of our treatments are designed after we inspect your property, and we make sure to take care of all your problems accordingly.
Do you inspect before you treat?

We do. All of our treatments are designed after we inspect your property, and we make sure to take care of all your problems accordingly.

Our pest control process

1. Inspect + Identify

Identify current and potential new pest issues to address.

2. Remove Cobwebs + Wasp Nests

Remove all webs and nests to prevent further returns.

3. Apply Pest Control

We either administer traditional pest control or inject our built-in treatment into your in-wall system.

4. Treat Entry Points

Reinforce treatment on all access points, such as doors and windows.

5. Protect Perimeter

We also administer pest control on your property, around the perimeter of your home, especially on cracks and crevices.

6. Review + Report

Finally, we provide a full service report with detailed information on how to prevent future pests invasions between our scheduled treatments.

Save 5% on your annual payment!

Our service includes

  • Interior treatment, including crawl spaces, attics, windows, doorways, under appliances, and plumbing lines
  • Carpet treatment, furniture, and floor flea treatment as needed.
  • Strategic placement of baits on the interior and around the perimeter, as needed (mulch beds and landscaped areas adjacent to the foundation)
  • Removal of spider webs within reach in the garage, basement, and exterior perimeter.
  • External removal of accessible spider web eaves on the exterior.
  • Complete exterior treatment including foundation, windows, doors, gutters and gutter downspouts, soffits, plumbing, HVAC system lines, flower beds, hedges, walkways, driveways, and underneath the bottom rung of siding.

At Gray Pest Control, we believe in excellence: we inspect, treat, and prevent further pest invasions while keeping your family's safety into account.