The Safest Termite Pest Control Service is Done With Sentricon

Looking for the two sides of termite control? Jacksonville, FL has them both: highly-rated termite treatment and bond. We use Sentricon in every single one of our pest control jobs. Jacksonville, FL, residents can prove Sentricon is the most effective against termites while remaining safe for your plants and kids.

Sentricon Has No Rival In Jacksonville, FL

Sentricon is the most effective termite treatment out there. Its colony-eliminating system works by baiting termites discreetly, for it only takes a bit of product to completely eradicate entire colonies. After applying Sentricon, we monitor the process and respond to your particular property’s needs. The best part? It’s environmentally safe.

How it works

We install Sentricon stations on the perimeters of your property at even intervals. If there’s already a termite infestation by the time the Sentricon treatment should be applied, an above-ground station will be installed.

The termites take the bait with an HD insect growth regulator specifically designed to eliminate and not only reduce the colonies. The monitoring stage is eliminated with Sentricon due to its Always Active System.

Sentricon treatment comes with a yearly inspection to maintain it. If the infestation is still there on our yearly inspection, we will re-treat or repair the area at no cost for you (depending on our previous contact/agreement).

We Offer Safe and Effective Treatments

Our termite treatment works in such a way so that it’s organic for termites to eat and pass around the colony, obliterating them out of your property before they can do any further damage. However, our treatment is also safe for kids, pets, and all your family, so you can rest assured our products are working 24/7 in an entirely harmless fashion!

How to mitigate / prevent termites

1. Remove all firewood/scrap wood or wood materials away from the exterior of your home.
2. Keep the mulch at least 12″ away from the foundation, consider adding alternatives such as rock up against the home.
3. Add gutters with proper downspout extensions to control standing water issues against the home (this may also assist with limiting mosquito populations)
4. Fix any leaking hose spigots or water lines on the perimeter of your home, and water your lawn appropriately. Do not overwater.

At Gray Pest Control, we believe in excellence: we inspect, treat, and prevent further pest invasions while keeping your family's safety into account.